Wells Fargo Mortgage Rates July 2019

Wells Fargo Mortgage Rates July 2019Wells Fargo mortgage rates for July 2019 are some of the best available right now, especially for home purchase mortgage loans. 30 year fixed mortgage rates from Wells Fargo for a home purchase are at 3.875 percent. If you're looking to refinance a loan, their 30-year rates on a refinance mortgage are slightly higher at 4.00 percent. 15-year mortgage rates at Wells Fargo are an even better deal at 3.125 percent or a purchase loan and at 3.25 percent for a refinance loan.

Some other long term fixed rate mortgages offered by Wells Fargo include a 30 year VA loan at 3.375 percent for a home purchase. 20 year fixed mortgage rates are at 3.75 percent for a home purchase. Wells Fargo is also offering two adjustable conforming mortgages; 7/1 adjustable mortgage rates are at 3.625 percent and 5/1 adjustable rates are at 3.50 percent. Refinance rates on the 7/1 ARM are at 3.75 percent and 5/1 refinance rates are at 3.625 percent.

Jumbo mortgage rates from Wells Fargo are also competitive for July 2019. 30-year jumbo mortgage rates are at 3.75 percent for purchase loans and at 4.00 percent for refinance loans. 15-year jumbo rates are at 3.25 percent for purchases and at 3.625 percent for refinance loans.

7-year jumbo adjustable mortgage rates at Wells Fargo are at 3.00 percent for purchases and 3.50 percent for refinance loans. 10-year adjustable rates are currently at 3.125 percent for purchases and 3.625 percent for refinance loans.
Author: Brian McKay
July 6th, 2019
Posted in: Mortgage Rates