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Wells Fargo Mortgage Rates

Wells Fargo Mortgage RatesWells Fargo mortgage rates are some of the best mortgage rates available right now, especially for a large bank. 30 year mortgage rates at Wells Fargo are at 3.75 percent with an APR of 3.865 percent with 0.375 mortgage points.

If you're looking for a shorter term, 15 year mortgage rates at Wells Fargo are at 3.00 percent with an APR of 3.202. 7 year adjustable mortgage rates from Wells Fargo are slightly higher at 3.25 percent with an APR of 3.817 percent.

Loan Type
Purchase    Refinance
State/City    Zip Code
Loan Amt Points FICO % Down
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Wells Fargo is the fourth largest bank headquartered in California and has been in business for over 167 years. The bank has over $1.9 trillion in assets and 7600 banking branches. To get the best deal on a home loan, compare other online mortgage rates with Wells Fargo mortgage rates.

Wells Fargo Mortgage Loan Account Fine Print

  •  If your payment is less than 20%, mortgage insurance may be required and could increase the monthly payment and APR

  •  Mortgage interest rates shown on a 45-day rate lock period

  • When you apply for a mortgage loan you can choose to lock or float your interest rate

  • These mortgage rates are based upon a variety of assumptions and conditions, which include a consumer credit score that may be higher or lower than your individual credit score

  • The actual fees, costs, and monthly payment on your specific mortgage loan transaction may vary, and may include city, county, or other additional fees and costs

To get the lowest mortgage rate available, compare current mortgage rates with Wells Fargo mortgage rates.
Author: Brian McKay
December 9th, 2019
Posted in: Mortgage Rates