Refinance Rates Higher: 30 Year Refinance Rates at 4.95%, 15 Year Refinance Rates at 4.35%

Refinance rates are up this week over last. 30 year refinance rates are higher this week but are still under 5.00%. This is the second consecutive week 30 year mortgage refinance rates are under 5.00%. 

The average 30 year refinance rate is at 4.95%, up from last week’s average refinance rate of 4.88%. 15 year averaging 4.35%, up from last week’s average refinance rate of 4.30%. 

The Fed met this week and decided to keep the Fed funds rate in a tarted range of zero percent to one quarter percent. The Fed also kept it's phrase on keeping interest rates  low for an extended period of time.

30 year jumbo refinance rates are unchanged this week over last. The average 30 year jumbo refinance rate is at 5.57%. 15 year jumbo refinance mortgage rates was lower this week. 15 year jumbo refi rates are averaging 4.97%, down from last week’s average rate of 4.98%.

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Mortgage Refinance Rates

Adjustable Refinance Mortgage Rates – Conforming Loans

1 year adjustable refinance loan rates are averaging 4.48% this week, up from last week when 1 year loan refinance rates averaged 4.40%.

3 year adjustable refi rates are averaging 4.51% this week, an increase from the prior week’s mortgage loan refinance rate of 4.44%.

The average 5 year adjustable refinance interest rate is at 3.97% this week, up from last week’s average mortgage refinance interest rate of 3.99%.

The average 7 year conforming mortgage refinance rate is at 4.42%, an increase from last week’s average mortgage refinance rate of 4.38%.

The average 10 year refinance mortgage rates is at 4.82% this week, up from last week’s refinance rate of 4.77%.

Jumbo Refinance Mortgage Rates

The average 1 year jumbo adjustable refinance rate is at 5.59%, unchanged from last week’s average refinance rate.

3 year jumbo adjustable refi rates are averaging 5.14%, down from last week’s average adjustable refinance loan interest rate of 5.18%.

The average 5 year jumbo refinance interest rate is at 4.63% this week, up  from last week’s average refinance bank rate of 4.58%.

7 year jumbo refinance home loan rates are averaging 5.34% this week, a decrease from last week’s average refinance home loan rate of 5.46%.

10 year home refi rates are averaging 5.88% this week, up from the prior week’s average 10 year home refinance rate of 5.81%.
Author: Brian McKay
March 17th, 2010
Posted in: Mortgage Rates