Mortgage Rates Today in California Averaging 3.55 Percent, Best Refinance Rate on our CA Refinance Rates List at 3.13%

Mortgage rates today in the state of California are averaging 3.55 percent, the same rate at the current national average 30 year rate. The lowest 30 year rate on our California refinance rates list is at 3.13 percent. The lender offering 30 year conforming refinance rates in California is Amerisave. This 3.13 percent rate is with 1.349 mortgage points and a 45 day rate lock.

Other home loan lenders offering great rates in California include Online Mortgage Group with a 30 year refinance rate of 3.25 percent with 1 points. Two other lenders offering 30 year refinance rates at 3.25 percent with 1 mortgage point include Amerisave and IHL Direct. If you rather not pay points to get a lower rate Pleasant Valley Home Mortgage is offering 30 year rates at 3.38 percent.

Average 15 year conforming mortgage rates in California are at 2.96 percent today. The current national average 15 year mortgage rate is lower at 2.91 percent. The lowest 15 year refinance rate on our California rate list is at 2.38 percent. Amerisave is offering 15 year refinance mortgage rates at 2.38 percent with 1.888 mortgage points.

Round Point Mortgage is offering 15 year refinancing rates at 2.50 percent with 2 points and Fearon Financial is offering rates at 2.63 percent with 0.75 points. If you rather not pay points on a 15 year refinance loan the lowest rate on our California list without points is from Pleasant Valley Home Mortgage at 2.75 percent.

Current jumbo mortgage rates on 30 year loans in California are averaging 4.24 percent slightly higher than the current national average jumbo rate of 4.23 percent. The best 30 year jumbo rate with points on our list in California is from WCS Lending at 4.13 percent. This 30 year jumbo refinance rate from WCS lending is with zero points, what an incredible deal.

Today's mortgage rates on 15 year jumbo loans in California are averaging 3.44 while the national average 15 year jumbo mortgage rate is at 3.43 percent. The lowest 15 year jumbo mortgage refinance rates on our list are below the average. The best 15 year refinance rate on our list is from Citi Bank at 3.25 percent with zero points.

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Author: Lisa Graham
August 28th, 2012
Posted in: Mortgage Rates