Mortgage Rates: National Average 30 Year Rates at 4.83%, Average 30 Year California Rates at 4.97%

30 year conforming mortgage rates have been hovering around 5.00% since early 2011. The current national average rate for conforming 30 year mortgages is at 4.83% as reported by Today's 30 year conforming rates in California are higher than the national average at 4.97%, also reported by

There are lenders who offer rates lower than the national average. You can find 30 year conforming rates as low as 4.375% if you're willing to pay points. On our rate list in California JB Mortgage Capital, Inc. has 30 year conforming refinance rates at 4.375% with 1.50 points. If you'd rather not pay any points on a loan, Greenlight Financial Services has 30 year refi rates at 4.875% with no points.

Lender interest rates fluctuate constantly, so if you find a rate you really like you should "lock the rate in." Most lenders offer interest rate locks for 30 to 45 days but you can find some lenders offering longer locks.

Shorter term rates are lower right now. Today's national average 15 year mortgage rate is at 4.18%. Average 15 year rates in California are higher at 4.22%. If you're looking for a 15 year home loan, right now on our rate table in California JB Mortgage Capital has 15 year refi rates at 4.00% with no points and Aimloan has 15 year rates slightly higher at 4.07% with no points. has mortgage rate and refinance rate lists for all states. We make your search for the best rates easy. Our rate lists are also sortable so you can quickly list the lowest rate, lowest APY, lowest number of points or by selecting other criteria.  Find your best rates by searching rate tables.
Author: Brian McKay
April 17th, 2011
Posted in: Mortgage Rates