Mortgage Rates Decline: National Average 30 Year Mortgage Rates at 4.60%

Once again, mortgage rates have declined. The current national average 30 year mortgage rate as reported by MonitorBankRates is 4.60%. This is the lowest average for 30 year conforming rates in 2011. Average mortgage rates across the United States differ from the national average. 30 year conforming rates in California are averaging 4.71%.

You can find rates lower than the averages. Right now on our refinance rate table for California Aurora Bank is offering 30 year conforming refinance rates at 4.625% with zero mortgage points.

Search for the current mortgage rates and refinance rates in your state using our rate tables at Unlike most websites, no personal information is needed to see a list of today's interest rates.

Other 30 year conforming refinance rates on our CA rate table include Greenlight Financial Services offering 30 year refi rates at 4.50% with 0.104 mortgage points. Greenlight is also offering 30 year FHA mortgage rates at 4.00% with 2.406 mortgage points.

15 year conforming mortgage rates are averaging 3.92 percent today but you can find rates lower than the averages. Aurora Bank is also offering a great 15 year refi rate. The bank is offering several 15 year refinance rates including a 3.75% rate with zero mortgage points, a 3.50% rate with 0.894 points and a 3.375% rate with 1.571 mortgage points.

The rates listed above from lenders are for a $150,000 refinance rate in California. You can get your own rate quote list by changing the search criteria.
Author: Jason P. Jones
May 13th, 2011
Posted in: Mortgage Rates