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Mortgage Rates at Union Bank

Mortgage Rates at Union BankMortgage rates from Union Bank are some of the best mortgage rates available right now for both fixed and adjustable rate loans. Union Bank mortgage rates on 30-year loans are at 4.125 percent with no points.

Union Bank mortgage rates on 30-year FHA loans at 3.875 percent.  15-year mortgage rates are an even better deal at 3.50 percent. Mortgage rates on 7-year adjustable loans are also at 3.875 percent. To get the lowest mortgage rate, compare other lenders' rates with mortgage rates at Union Bank.

Loan Type
Purchase    Refinance
State/City    Zip Code
Loan Amt Points FICO % Down
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Union Bank Mortgage Rates Fine Print

  • There is a nonrefundable $550 application fee when applying for a mortgage loan

  • Conforming mortgage loans are available in 10, 15, 20 and 30-year terms

  • Jumbo mortgage loans are available in 15 and 30-year terms

  • FHA loans are available in 30 and 15-year terms

  • VA loans are available in 30 year and 15-year terms

  • Mortgage loans subject to credit and collateral approval

  • Mortgage insurance is required for loans exceeding 80% LTV

To get the best mortgage deal possible compare online mortgage rates with Union Bank mortgage rates.
Author: Brian McKay
December 3rd, 2019
Posted in: Mortgage Rates