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LightPoint Mortgage Company Mortgage Rates

LightLightPoint Mortgage Company Mortgage RatesPoint Mortgage Company mortgage rates are some of the best mortgage rates available online today. For example, today's 15-year mortgage rates from LightPoint Mortgage Company are quoted at an incredibly low rate of 2.625 percent with 2 mortgage points. That 15-year mortgage rate is much lower than the current national average 15-year rate of 3.125 percent. Not interested in paying 2 points upfront on a mortgage. You don't have to, 15 year-mortgage rates from LightPoint Mortgage Company are also quoted at 2.75 percent with only 1.25 points. You can also have LightPoint pay you 0.15 points, the mortgage rate on this loan is 3.00 percent but still lower than the national average rate.

LightPoint Mortgage Company Mortgage Rates

30 Year Mortgage Rates LightPoint Mortgage Company

Loan Type
Purchase    Refinance
State/City    Zip Code
Loan Amt Points FICO % Down
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  • 3.125% with 1.875 Points

  • 3.25% with 0.875 Points

  • 3.50% with -0.25 Points

15 Year Mortgage Rates LightPoint Mortgage Company

  • 2.625% with 2 Points

  • 2.75% with 1.25 Points

  • 3.00% with -0.15 Points

To get the lowest mortgage rates today, compare online mortgage rates with LightPoint Mortgage Company Mortgage Rates.
Author: Brian McKay
February 9th, 2020
Posted in: Mortgage Rates