Current Mortgage Refinance Rates in California

Mortgage rates have headed lower the past several weeks because of the European government debt crisis. Investors have been buying U.S. Treasuries, forcing Treasury yields lower. Since mortgage rates are tied to Treasury yields, mortgage rates have also been going down. 30 year mortgage rates hit a low of 4.78 percent yesterday but have gone back up to 4.85 percent this morning.

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Right now on our mortgage refinance rate tables for the state of California, is offering 30 year fixed refinance mortgage rates at 4.375 percent with 2 mortgage discount points. is also offering one of the lowest 30 year fixed refinance mortgage rates on our rate table in California. Aimloan's current 30 year mortgage refinance rates are offered at 4.50 percent with only 0.684 mortgage discount points. Aimloan is also offering 3o year mortgage rates at 4.625 percent with zero mortgage discount points.
Author: Lisa Graham
June 9th, 2010
Posted in: Mortgage Rates