Average Mortgage Rates Today July 20, 2012: 30 Year Mortgage Rates at 3.62%

Average mortgage rates today on fixed conforming mortgages and jumbo mortgages have made new record lows today July 20, 2012. Current mortgage rates on 3o year loans are averaging 3.62 percent, down from yesterday's average 30 year mortgage rate of 3.65 percent. Today's 30 year rate is an all-time record low on our average rates survey.

Today's mortgage rates on 15 year conforming loans are averaging 3.03 percent, down from yesterday's average 15 year mortgage rate of 3.05 percent. While 15 mortgage interest rates didn't make a record low today rates are still incredibly low.

In fact 15 year rates are so low refinancing to a 15 year loan is more affordable then ever. If you currently have a 30 year loan and are thinking about refinancing you would really consider a 15 year loan. You can find lenders offering 15 year refinance rates below 3.00 percent on our rate list. Some lenders are offering 15 year refi rates as low as 2.65 percent with points.

Mortgage rates current on 30 year jumbo mortgage loans hit an all-time low of 4.20 percent today, down from yesterday's average 30 year jumbo mortgage interest rate of 4.23 percent. There are many lenders on our rate list offering 30 year jumbo refinance rates below the average rates. Two banks, EverBank and CitiBank are both offering 30 year jumbo rates below 4.00 percent in New York and other states.

Mortgage rates todays on 15 year jumbo loans are averaging 3.40 percent, down from the prior day's average 15 year jumbo mortgage rate of 3.44 percent. Both Citi Mortgage and EverBank are offering 15 year jumbo rates below the average rates in California and other states.
Author: Lisa Graham
July 20th, 2012
Posted in: Mortgage Rates