USAlliance Credit Union Mortgage Rates

USAlliance Credit Union is offering some very competitive mortgage rates. The credit union is advertising several different types of mortgage rates with many different terms and loan amounts. Current mortgage rates on conforming 30 year home loans are at 4.50% with 2 mortgage points. 30 year loans are also available at 4.625% with 1 point and 4.75% with zero points.

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In addition to conforming mortgage rates and credit union is also advertising super conforming mortgage rates (loans between $417,00 and $750,000) and jumbo rates (loans between $750,001 and ($1,000,000).

Today's mortgage rates on 30 year super conforming loans and 30 year jumbo mortgage loans are both advertised at 5.50%.

The credit union is also advertising 40 year rates, 20 year rates, 15 year rates and 10 year rates on conforming loans. Super conforming rates and jumbo rates are available in terms of 30 years or 15 years. The credit union also has adjustable loans for both conforming loans and jumbo loans.

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Author: Lisa Graham
July 15th, 2011