Mortgage Rates Today at McPherson Co-op Credit Union

A Kansas based credit union, McPherson Co-op Credit Union, is advertising mortgage rates today that are higher than the national averages. The advertised current mortgage rates are only for first liens on homes in Kansas.

McPherson Co-op Credit Union is advertising mortgage rates for 15 year conforming loans and 10 year conforming loans. You would think the credit union would also advertise 30 year mortgage rates since 30 year loans are by far the choice for most people when financing a loan.

Today's mortgage rates on 15 year conforming loans available from McPherson Co-op Credit Union are advertised at 4.25 percent. 15 year mortgage rates and refinance rates in the state of Kansas are averaging less at 2.97 percent.

The last time the credit union updated the rates on its website was on 9/15/11 so these rates might be outdated and actually lower. The best thing to do is call the credit union to get a list of current mortgage rates. 10 year mortgage rates currently are advertised at 3.75 percent.
Author: Robert Till
August 1st, 2012