Mortgage Rates – Best Rate 30 Year Mortgage at 4.125%

Right now on our mortgage rates list for California has the best 30 year mortgage rate for a refinance. is offering 30 year conforming mortgage rates at 4.125% with 1.879 mortgage points. This loan rate is considerably lower the the current California average conforming 30 year mortgage rate of 4.70% as reported by

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Several other lenders are offering 30 year mortgage rates at 4.25%. Aurora Bank FSB is offering 30 year mortgage rates at 4.25% with 1.991% mortgage points. Greenlight Financial Services is offering 30 year rates at 4.25% with 1.735 points and First Choice Loans Services is offering 30 year rates at 4.25% with 2 points.

If you're searching for FHA mortgage rates is offering 30 year FHA mortgage rates at 4.375% with zero mortgage points.

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Author: Robert Till
May 25th, 2011