Max Credit Union Mortgage Rates: Current 30 Year Rates Today at 3.75%

Max Credit Union which is a credit union based in Montgomery, Alabama, is offering some of the best mortgage rates currently available from any credit union or bank in Alabama. Max Credit Union is advertising fixed conforming mortgage rates and fixed adjustable mortgage rates today.

Current mortgage rates on 30 year fixed conforming home loans are advertised at 3.75 percent with an annual percentage rate of 3.885 percent. This advertised 30 year mortgage rate is with zero points. Compare this rate to the current national average 30 year mortgage interest rate of 3.67 percent which include points and you see what a good rate Max Credit Union's 30 year rates are.

Today's mortgage rates on 15 year fixed rate conforming home loans are advertised at 3.00 percent with an annual percentage rate of 3.238 percent. This current advertised 15 year mortgage rate is also with zero points. The current national average 15 year rate is at 3.03 percent with points as well.

Max Credit Union's advertised adjustable mortgage rates current are also very competitive when compared to the national averages. Today's 1 year adjustable mortgage rates are advertised at 3.49 percent with zero points.

Current mortgage rates on 3 year adjustable loans are also avertised at  3.49 percent with zero points. Moving out farther on the adjustable rate spectrum 5 year adjustable rates are currently advertised at 3.99 percent with zero points.

Max Credit Union is also advertising longer term adjustable mortgage rates including 7 year rates and 10 year rates. 7 year adjustable rates are advertised at 5.125 percent and 10 year adjustable rates are advertised at 5.25 percent.

For information about applying for a home loan at Max Credit Union and list of current mortgage rates today go to: MyMax Mortgage Rates.
Author: Robert Till
July 6th, 2012