Home Mortgage Rates Move Lower: 30 Year Home Mortgage Rates at 4.85%, 15 Year Home Mortgage Rates at 4.27%

Home mortgage rates moved lower this past week, following U.S. Treasury yields lower. Current 30 year home mortgage rates are averaging 4.85percent, down from an average 30 year home mortgage rate of 4.96 percent earlier this week. U.S. Treasury yields moved considerably lower on Friday when the markets started worrying about the European government debt problems. Hungary is the latest county the markets are worried about. 

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Surprisingly 15 year home mortgage rates were unchanged this week at 4.27 percent. 15 year home mortgage rates are very near historic lows and probably will break new lows if the current problems in Europe continue next week.

Current Jumbo Home Mortgage Rates

Current 30 year jumbo home mortgage rates are averaging 5.49 percent, a slight decrease from Monday's average jumbo home mortgage interest rate of 5.52 percent. Current 30 year jumbo home mortgage refinance rates are also lower. Today's 30 year jumbo home mortgage refinance rates are averaging 5.49 percent.

Current 15 year jumbo home mortgage rates are averaging 4.92 percent, up from an average jumbo loan home mortgage rate of 4.90 percent. Today's 15 year jumbo home mortgage refinance rates are also higher since Monday. Today's 15 year jumbo refinance home mortgage rates are averaging 4.90 percent.

Today's Adjustable Home Mortgage Rates

Current 1 year conforming adjustable home mortgage rates are averaging 3.73 percent, down from an average 1 year adjustable home mortgage rate of 3.78 percent. Current 1 year adjustable home mortgages for refinancing are averaging 3.73.

Current 3 year conforming adjustable rate home mortgages are averaging 4.29 percent, down 21 basis points from Monday's average home mortgage rate of 4.50 percent. Today's 3 year refinance home mortgage rates are also down since Monday. The current average 3 year refinance mortgage rate is 4.29 percent.

Current 5 year conforming adjustable rate home mortgages are averaging 3.73 percent, down from an average loan home mortgage rate of 4.07 percent. Current 5 year refinance home mortgage rates are also down since Monday. The current average refinance home rate is 3.73 percent.

Currently, 7 year conforming adjustable home mortgage rates are averaging 4.21 percent this week, down from an average 7 year  mortgage home rate of 4.24 percent. Current 7 year home refinance rates were also down to 4.21 percent.

10 year conforming adjustable home mortgage rates today are averaging 4.41 percent, down from an week’s average 10 year home mortgage rate of 4.45 percent. Today’s 10 year home loan mortgage refinance rates are averaging 4.41 percent.

Jumbo Adjustable Home Mortgage Rates

1 year jumbo adjustable home mortgage interest rates are averaging 5.95 percent this week. Unchanged from an average 1 year home jumbo adjustable mortgage rate on Monday. Current 1 year jumbo refinance home mortgage rates are also averaging 5.95 percent.

3 year jumbo adjustable home rate mortgages are averaging 5.00 percent, up from an average jumbo home mortgage rate of 4.80 percent. Current 3 year jumbo home mortgage refinance rates are also up to 5.00 percent since Monday. 

Current 5 year jumbo adjustable mortgage rates are averaging 4.40 percent, down from an average mortgage rate of 4.45 percent. Current 5 year jumbo home refinance loan rates are averaging 4.40 percent.

Today, 7 year jumbo adjustable home rate mortgages are averaging 5.26 percent, unchanged from Monday's average 7 year home loan rate. Current 7 year jumbo refinance rates are also unchanged at 5.26.

Current 10 year jumbo home mortgage interestt rates are averaging 5.65 percent, down from an average 10 year jumbo home mortgage interest rate of 5.67 percent. Currently, 10 year jumbo home loan refinance rates are also averaging 5.65 percent.

Interest Only Home Mortgage Rates

Current conforming 3 year interest only home mortgage rates are averaging 4.43 percent, down 20 basis points from Monday's average IO home mortgage rate of 4.63 percent.

Today's 5 year conventional interest only home loans are averaging 3.84 percent, down from an week’s average five year interest only home mortgage rate of 4.05 percent.

Currently, 7 year IO home mortgage loans are averaging 4.35 percent, down from an average interest only mortgage rate of 4.41 percent.

Interest Only Jumbo Home Mortgage Rates

3 year jumbo interest only home mortgage rates are averaging 5.47 percent, up from an average jumbo interest mortgage rate of 5.35 percent.

5 year jumbo IO loan home mortgage rates are averaging 5.01 percent, down from an average IO home mortgage rate of 5.03 percent.

Current 7 year jumbo IO home mortgage loans are averaging 5.57 percent, down from an average jumbo 7 year home mortgage rate of 5.79 percent.

Home Equity Loan Rates

10 year home equity loan rates are averaging 7.255 percent, a decrease from last week’s average home equity loan rate of 7.293 percent.

15 year home equity rates are averaging 7.416 percent this week, unchanged from last week’s average home equity rate.

Home Equity Line of Credit Rates (HELOC)

The current average home equity line of credit rates are averaging 4.777 percent this week, up from last week’s average HELOC rate of 4.664.
Author: Brian McKay
June 5th, 2010