First Imperial Credit Union Mortgage Rates Competitive But Not the Best Rates

First Imperial Credit Union's mortgage rates are not the lowest mortgage rates today but there rates are competitive. First Imperial Credit Union is advertising several different types of mortgage interest rates on first mortgage loans and the credit union is also advertising a 15 year second mortgage rate which natually has a consideribly higher rate than first mortgage rates.

Fixed conforming 30 year mortgage rates are avertised with three different point combinations. You might not be aware of this but the more points you pay on a loan the lower the mortgage rate you will get, that usually is the case anyway which reputable lenders.

Current mortgage rates on 30 year fixed conventional mortgages are advertised at 4.75 percent with zero mortgage points. 30 year rates are also advertised at 4.50 percent with 1 mortgage point and at 4.25 percent with 2 mortgage points. There are credit union mortgage rates higher than these rates but there are also rates that are lower at both credit unions and banks.

The current national average 30 year mortgage interest rate is currently at 3.38 percent. If you have a credit score of 740 or more you can find 30 year mortgage rates as low as 3.125 percent with 2 mortgage points. If you're credit score is less than 740 you can still get a 30 year mortgage rate around 3.25 percent with points.

First Imperial Credit Union mortgage rates on fixed conventional 20 year home loans are averaging 4.5o percent with zero mortgage points. 20 year mortgage refinance rates are also available at 4.25 percent with 1 mortgage discount point and 4.00 percent with 2 mortgage points.

Today's mortgage rates on 15 year conventional home loans are averaging 2.81 percent while First Imperial Credit Union 15 year mortgage rates today and 10 year mortgage rates today are currently advertised at 4.00 percent with no points. 10 and 15 year refinance mortgage rates are also advertised at 3.75 percent with 1 point and 3.50 percent with 2 points.

First Imperial Credit Union is also advertising second mortgage rates for 15 year loans which have considerably higher rates. Mortgage rates currently on 15 year second loans are advertised at 6.99 percent with zero points.

All the mortgage rates from First Imperial Credit Union we mention above are the credit union's Tier A loans. You can see how this credit union's mortgage rates compare with other credit union mortgage rates by searching our rate tables below.
Author: Brian McKay
October 11th, 2012