Del Norte Credit Union Current Mortgage Rates

Del Norte Credit Union of Santa Fe, New Mexico, is advertising conforming fixed mortgages. The credit union is advertising 30 year fixed mortgage rates, 20 year fixed mortgage rates, 15 year fixed mortgage rates and 10 year fixed mortgage rates. Del Norte is also offering $500 towards closing costs on 10 year loans.

The credit union's advertised mortgage rates are some of the best mortgage rates currently available. These mortgage rate quotes are only for New Mexico.

Current 15 year mortgage rates are advertised at 4.375 percent with zero mortgage points. The credit union's 15 year mortgage rate is lower than the current national average 15 year mortgage rate of 4.43 percent.

Fixed conforming 20 year mortgage rates are advertised at 5.25 percent with zero mortgage points.

Conforming 10 year fixed mortgage rates are advertised at 6.00 percent with zero discount points.

The credit union's conforming 30 year fixed mortgage rate is advertised at 5.25 percent with zero mortgage discount points. This mortgage rate is slightly higher than the current national average 30 year mortgage rate of 5.10 percent.

Information about joining Del Norte Credit Union and a list of current mortgage rates can be found at
Author: Brian McKay
April 26th, 2010