America’s Christian Credit Union’s Mortgage Rates

Most of the time you can get a really good mortgage rate from a local credit union. In fact most of the time the local credit union can offer you a rate lower than today's mortgage rates that most lenders will offer.

The same is true for mortgage rates current at America's Christian Credit Union. Current mortgage rates on 30 year conforming loans advertised at America's Christian Credit Union are at 3.375 percent. Lower than the current national average 30 year refinance rates or mortgage rates of 3.62 percent.

America's Christian Credit Union's has an incredibly low rate on 15 year conforming loans. 15 year mortgage interest rates are advertised at 2.75 percent. The credit union's current 15 year rates are lower than the national average of 3.03 percent.

The credit union is advertising 20 year mortgage rates which most banks and credit unions don't offer. A 20 year loan will save you money on interest expenses when compared to a 30 year loan and your payments won't be as high as they would with a 15 year loan. Current 20 year mortgage rates are advertised at 3.25 percent.

If you can afford higher mortgage payments the credit union is also advertised 10 year mortgage rates. Todays mortgage rates on 10 year mortgages are going for 2.75 percent.

Need a higher balance loan then a conforming loan? The credit union is also advertising "high balance" loans with really good rates. 30 year high balance loans are advertised at 3.75 percent and 15 year loans are advertised at 3.00 percent.

America's Christian Credit Union is based in Glendora, California. The credit union also has a physical branch in Azusa, CA. The credit union gives you the ability to conduct transactions with over 6,800 branch and 28,000 ATM locations nationwide.

For information about joining the credit union and a list of current mortgage rates go to the credit union's website here: America's Christian Credit Union's Mortgage Rates.
Author: Brian McKay
July 20th, 2012