TD Bank Mortgage Rates

TD Bank, the banking arm of TD Ameritrade, is advertising some very good mortgage rates along with the chance to lower your mortgage rate without refinancing as well as a mortgage guarantee.

Their "Mortgage Rate Security" gives you the chance to lower your mortgage rate without having to refinance if rates drop after you have made 12 payments on time.  To lower your mortgage without refinancing is only available on fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages being modified to a fixed rate mortgage. Refinance modification deals are not available for land loans, second mortgages, loans secured by investment properties.

The guarantee is called "Hassle-Free Mortgage Guarantee" which gives you $500 for one of the following:
  • Same-day loan decision or $500

  • Guaranteed closing costs or $500

  • On-time closing or $500

  • There is only one $500 payment per individual guarantee. There are other stipulations you can find out about here. TD Bank.

    Here is a list of TD Bank's current advertised mortgage rates:

    Conventional Mortgage Rates

    • 30 Year Fixed Rate 5.125%  APR 5.171%

    • 15 Year Fixed Rate 4.375% APR 4.452%

    • 1 Year Adjustable Rate 2.875% APR 3.146%

    • 5 Year Adjustable Rate 3.875% APR 3.430%

    FHA Mortgage Rates

    • FHA 30 Year Fixed 5.000% APR 5.387%

    • FHA Low to Moderate 30 Year Fixed Rate 4.500% APR 4.880%

    Jumbo Conforming Mortgage Rates

    • Jumbo Conforming 30 year Fixed Rate 5.250% APR 5.270%

    • Jumbo Conforming 15 year Fixed Rate 4.500% APR 4.533%

    Jumbo Mortgage Rates

    • 30 Year Fixed Jumbo Rate 5.625%  APR 5.637%

    • 15 Year Fixed Jumbo Rate 4.990%  APR 5.009%

    • 1 Year Adjustable Jumbo Rate 2.875% APR 3.116%

    • 5 Year Adjustable Jumbo Rate 4.125% APR 3.487%

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    Author: Lisa Graham
    March 11th, 2010
    Posted in: Bank Mortgage Rates