Current Mortgage Rates: Today’s 30 Year Mortgage Rates Averaging 4.85%, 15 Year Rates Averaging 4.18%

Mortgage rates are mixed this morning as Standard & Poor's affirms the short term outlook of the United States' credit rating and revises their long term outlook on the country from stable to negative. Although mortgage rates barely moved on the news you can expect higher rates in the coming years.

Now back to current mortgage rates. The national average conforming 30 year mortgage rate as reported by is at 4.83%, unchanged from yesterday's average rate. 15 year mortgage rates are also unchanged, averaging 4.18%.

Longer term jumbo mortgage rates are lower today. The average 30 year jumbo mortgage rate is 5.32%, down from yesterday's average rate of 5.34%. Today's 15 year jumbo rates also declined. Current 15 year jumbo loan rate are averaging 4.67%, down from yesterday's average of 4.73%.

5 year conforming adjustable mortgage rates are also lowert today. 5 year rates on ARMs are averaging 3.28%, down from yesterday's average of 3.30 percent.

5 year jumbo adjustable mortgage rates also declined. Current 5 year jumbo rates are averaging 3.69%, down from yesterday's average of 3.73%.

These rates are average rates.  You can find rates better than the averages by searching our rate list in your state here: Loan Rates at MBR.
Author: Brian McKay
April 19th, 2011
Posted in: Bank Mortgage Rates