Apple Bank for Savings Mortgage Rates

Apple Bank for Savings is offering conforming mortgage rates and jumbo mortgage rates. The bank is also offering 75 day rate locks. Their advertised mortgage rates are for new customers only and have a maximum limit of $1,000,000.

Looking for today's mortgage rates? Use our rate tables to find the best mortgage rates:

To obtain the mortgage rates advertised you must also open and maintain a "GoldValue Now Checking Account" and have your monthly mortgage payment automatically deducted from that account. The GoldValue checking account requires a minimum opening deposit of $100 plus a daily minimum balance of $2,500 to earn interest and avoid monthly maintenance charges.

The bank's jumbo mortgage rates are really good deals. Right now the bank is advertising 30 year fixed jumbo mortgage rates at 5.625 percent with no mortgage discount points. You can buy the mortgage rate down 50 basis points to 5.125 percent with 2.00 mortgage points.

The bank's fixed 30 year conforming mortgage rate is being advertised at 5.25 percent with no points.

5/1 adjustable mortgage rates are advertised at 4.375 percent with no points. 7/1 adjustable mortgage rates are advertised at 4.75 percent with no points.

For more information and current mortgage rates visit: Apple Bank for Savings.
Author: Jason P. Jones
March 28th, 2010
Posted in: Bank Mortgage Rates